Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I accidentally ate a whole bag of lollies and some other sweets today. Now I want comfort food cos I feel fat. It is ridiculous.

Monday, December 21, 2009


I had a nice day hanging out with Miss C ^_^;; she is cool.

C gave me an early Christmas present, and it is awesome :D It is one of those cupcake lip glosses that I've been eying up and resisting buying ^^;; win!

We walked around the mall and saw Y, and some of C's friends, and I bought lots of veggies (that I'm making into curry atm). And then we walked all the way into town, and I got reminded of how much easier it is to walk places when you have a friend with you ^^;; It often just feels like such a drag when I walk to town by myself. >_>;; company ftw.

Then I got to play some DDR (hehe) and paint my nails different shades of yellow/green o-o;;it looks quite funky, guess I better take it off for work tomorrow.

My parents came over and scared C away, >_>;; Parents bring food, parents good :D Mum seemed excited that I got her a Christmas present (New year's is still more than a week away), I just hope she won't feel all disappointed when she opens it.

Weirdest thing of the day - my niece seems to have artistic talent. oh noes, I has rivals in teh family. It is funny because I am starting to see her as a person as opposed to some appendix or even pet-like creature. I know I'm horrible.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A couple interesting animated music videos.

Nyah, it was mice seeing Y and C today too ^^

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dans ma peau

Crazy crazy movie. I love it, but I wonder if I'll watch it again.

It certainly made more of an impact on me than any other movie I've seen the past few years.

Here is a synopsis from imdb -

"After falling and cutting her leg severely at a party, Esther becomes obsessed with the lack of pain she experienced. She begins inflicting wounds in the area where she was originally hurt and slowly becomes obsessed with the touch and taste of her own skin."

I did have to fast forward it in one bit, and look away a couple times, due to this gruesomeness that makes your stomach feel weird.

I can't really tell what it makes you think of really. It is a movie about madness, but I could not recognise what triggered it.

10 Things

List 10 Things I love about myself.

So Y tagged me in her post more than a week ago ^^;; I have to say that this is hard!

These are in no particular order.

  1. I am accepting 
  2. Being able to paint (well... more so than an average person)
  3. I am not stupid
  4. I can get things done when I think I really need to ;)
  5. I like cats
  6. Parts of my body
  7. That I am a reader (but I really should read more) 
  8. My piercing (I'm so vain) 
  9. That most of the time I can make food that is not burned or disgusting 
  10. I am more punctual than not. 
So yeah, I had a good long think about it, but ended up just writing random things really. It is hard to find things you like that don't have a big BUT after them. I am not stupid, BUT I am lazy AND I'm not as smart as my friends :P

I tag Cherds Fijian


Sunday, December 6, 2009


Gross selfish thoughts are plaguing my brain, it is annoying.

Sunny has not been feeling the past two days. She is at peace now. I hope I had not been a bad owner to her in this short time. I will miss her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

First day of work

was long.

It was not bad though, and I did not manage to screw anything up yet.

But I do need new shoes, ones that are comfortable for standing in for hours. >_>;;; I wish my ddr shoes were still wearable.

Another long day tomorrow, lecture and work woop.

I enjoy the warmth of the store tho ^^;;

Saturday, November 28, 2009

ICOGRADA Peking - Type design

A typeface design competition held in Peking(would it be more appropriate to say Beijing?) in October, if I am correct. Of course the competitiors did not have to re-design the whole set of characters (ahaha) but only a set 46 used in this poem(?).

It is quite awesome and crazy, although some of there fonts are absolutely impossible to read. I wonder whether people who can actually read Chinese would have less trouble recognising the characters in some of these examples?

The images link to a whole flickr gallery of submissions, as far as I know they are all taken by Hellgus.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digging for fire.

I went digging through the folders in hopes of finding some of my old backgrounds today. They have mysteriously disappeared, but I did come across some photos from our trip last year. Since I never posted them anywhere, I think I might drop some here today and moaybe tomorrow.

After staying the night at my friend's place, we had to get up ridiculously early and walk a fair way to catch a tram home. We passed the tram depo  on our way. I always have a thing for networks of wires >_>;;

I think the tram you can see in it was imported from Czechoslovakia back in the day when it still existed. They imported a whole bunch and then did not get any more for at least 20 years, 10 years ago a factory in the town started producing their own trams,  they are a lot blockier and lack that charm of the old ones, but yay room and seats which actually have soft padding on them :D

This is a funky playground that I had never noticed back when I lived in the town, it is pretty cool. Not entirely sure as to how you are supposed to play there tho. As far as I can tell you mostly get young people hanging out after dark ;)

Here is a facade/gate of a turbine-engine factory, check out the Soviet awesomeness at the top.  And the red posters with slogans on them? Those are just ads for cartridge re-fills :D

And here is something a bit more modern. These big gray concrete fences started popping up all over the place in mid '90s, used to get some random drawings and graffiti on them. But this wall has been graffiti-ed by actual graffiti artists at the request if some ministry of the city or other.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm going for an interview today, sooo nervous *hides in a corner*. um yeah... and  meeting with lovely Cerbits  after that if everything goes well ^^''

Here is a gloomy sculpture artist I'm in love with, Scott Radke

and he has a white cat, yes...

Amazing sculpture, painting and photography skills *wipes drool*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Intricate kawaii girl paintings by Audrey Kawasaki

Another awesome artist I"ve been stalking on livejournal is Audrey Kawasaki. Once again, the subjects are pretty quirky girls *nod nod* recurring theme.  Lovely coloured pencil/pastel drawings and crazy oild (?) paintings. There is one style I can't imitate in the slightest.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had some lovely weather today, sunny and warm ^_^ So I walked all the way to town to get some fangs for the vampire party. I really like walking through the weird less maintained part of the gardens, that runs along Deans Ave and the stream. It almost feels like bush walking except for the sound of the cars :D.

I saw a family of ducks - Mum, Dad and lots of lil ones. Unfortunately my phone does not take very good photos (or is it just me?)

Then walking up Victoria street there were all those shops I wanted to go into, like the Cupcake Parlor and walking past all the cafes made me hungry ^^;; There was a nice chalk drawing on Victoria Sq I had to stop and take a picture of :D
I think I did not get the angle quite right for the best effect tho u-u;;

Camilla d'Errico

My latest artist love and inspiration, lovely Camilla d'Errico with her beautiful sweet paintings of gorgeous girls.  Here is a taste.

Since I've been looking at gyaru and lolita  communities on livejournal, as well as being exposed to all things sweet, this really appeals to me. I have started a painting from a photo of a super cute girl whit big pink hair, and now seeing Camila's paintings just gives me so much inspiration to do more of sweet girl paintings. I love how they are quite quirky as well ^^;;

I'd love to be able to afford a few of her prints, I just know they would look great on out living room wall ^_^;;

And she also draws comics, how awesome is she? really? If anyone can get their hands on Tanpopo, BurnNightmares and fairytales. *envy*

(All images are copyright Camilla d'Errico)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm delighted you've been able to join us tonight.

So I have been thinking about starting a blog, and I don't suppose I can put it off much longer. I will try to keep it interesting; or at least not too boring ^^;;

Went to Kobe Ya for some milk green tea and higashi today and had trouble not going into every shop in the link arcade on my way. There are some super cute teacups with lids, and notebooks and and and cuuute things~

Then I went for a ride all the way to Bottle Lake forest park to pick up my tarts and cookies :D we got lost on the way, so it was a fun ride for me ^^;; I wonder if I can convince Mr. Cats to go to the park with me some day, and take photos.

Being blond again is quite strange, I is nice even though I look like a totally different person now ^^;; Hopefully potential employers will like it and hire me regardless of my crappy work history >_>;; wish me luck!

Today I'd like to bring you delicious cakes by the Whisk Kid, I mean, she is totally amazing. Here are some photos I stole of her blog, please go check it out!

All excited about the Gothic Vampire Mega Party of Doom coming up this Friday, excuse to dress up +1.