Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digging for fire.

I went digging through the folders in hopes of finding some of my old backgrounds today. They have mysteriously disappeared, but I did come across some photos from our trip last year. Since I never posted them anywhere, I think I might drop some here today and moaybe tomorrow.

After staying the night at my friend's place, we had to get up ridiculously early and walk a fair way to catch a tram home. We passed the tram depo  on our way. I always have a thing for networks of wires >_>;;

I think the tram you can see in it was imported from Czechoslovakia back in the day when it still existed. They imported a whole bunch and then did not get any more for at least 20 years, 10 years ago a factory in the town started producing their own trams,  they are a lot blockier and lack that charm of the old ones, but yay room and seats which actually have soft padding on them :D

This is a funky playground that I had never noticed back when I lived in the town, it is pretty cool. Not entirely sure as to how you are supposed to play there tho. As far as I can tell you mostly get young people hanging out after dark ;)

Here is a facade/gate of a turbine-engine factory, check out the Soviet awesomeness at the top.  And the red posters with slogans on them? Those are just ads for cartridge re-fills :D

And here is something a bit more modern. These big gray concrete fences started popping up all over the place in mid '90s, used to get some random drawings and graffiti on them. But this wall has been graffiti-ed by actual graffiti artists at the request if some ministry of the city or other.

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  1. Oh wow! Look at the graffiti wall! Colourful :DI like your first photo. There's something about networks of wires that... looks intriguing. Hehe.