Thursday, November 12, 2009

We had some lovely weather today, sunny and warm ^_^ So I walked all the way to town to get some fangs for the vampire party. I really like walking through the weird less maintained part of the gardens, that runs along Deans Ave and the stream. It almost feels like bush walking except for the sound of the cars :D.

I saw a family of ducks - Mum, Dad and lots of lil ones. Unfortunately my phone does not take very good photos (or is it just me?)

Then walking up Victoria street there were all those shops I wanted to go into, like the Cupcake Parlor and walking past all the cafes made me hungry ^^;; There was a nice chalk drawing on Victoria Sq I had to stop and take a picture of :D
I think I did not get the angle quite right for the best effect tho u-u;;


  1. HI!! You have a blog!! :D Love the photos, looks like a sunny day :) <3 I hope you have fun at the party.

    I saw a guy beginning one of those chalk drawings today, I'll have to walk past again over the next few days to see the finished effect.

  2. Yeah I've been wanting one for a while. I have not got around to making it all pretty yet, my html knowledge is so rusty ^^;;

    It was super sunny and warm, but now it is raining again, lols. The party should be good ^^;; I'm certainly looking forward to it :D

    Chalk drawings are cool ^_^