Monday, December 21, 2009


I had a nice day hanging out with Miss C ^_^;; she is cool.

C gave me an early Christmas present, and it is awesome :D It is one of those cupcake lip glosses that I've been eying up and resisting buying ^^;; win!

We walked around the mall and saw Y, and some of C's friends, and I bought lots of veggies (that I'm making into curry atm). And then we walked all the way into town, and I got reminded of how much easier it is to walk places when you have a friend with you ^^;; It often just feels like such a drag when I walk to town by myself. >_>;; company ftw.

Then I got to play some DDR (hehe) and paint my nails different shades of yellow/green o-o;;it looks quite funky, guess I better take it off for work tomorrow.

My parents came over and scared C away, >_>;; Parents bring food, parents good :D Mum seemed excited that I got her a Christmas present (New year's is still more than a week away), I just hope she won't feel all disappointed when she opens it.

Weirdest thing of the day - my niece seems to have artistic talent. oh noes, I has rivals in teh family. It is funny because I am starting to see her as a person as opposed to some appendix or even pet-like creature. I know I'm horrible.


  1. Hehe, appendix. Funny reference.

    It was nice seeing you today, too!! Would've been a nice walk to town, I agree, it's much easier to walk with someone! It doesn't seem to take as long a time to get there.

  2. LOL!! You're like Ms Trunchbull "My idea of a perfect school is where there are no children at all" haha... but children grow up and turn into people. It's good you're starting to see her as a person. She seemed like a nice little person when I met her.

    Im glad you like your gift and I agree it's easy to walk with a friend. I had a good day that day with you ^_^

  3. linnykins - I agree, yup :D

    Ceiridwen - I don't know really, even though I can see her as a person, I don't like her ^^;; The way she is being brought up, the way she deals with other people and the values she is learning from her parents are all disagreeable to me.

    But then I never claim that I have no prejudices . At least I see her as a person rather than an object now.

    I hada good day that day too :P

    cats are cool