Sunday, January 3, 2010

5 am - tired ramblings and whinings.

Today I went to the park at 5 am to listen to birds chirping. It is hard to imagine how many birds there are. The whole place was swarming with them. Ducks and black birds and pigeons and magpies, all going at once. I love how magpies sound like some sort of machine, a metallic screech and a modem noise.

And a scary screeching tree to sit under. I later found out that the tree had just recently shed a whole big branch and it was sitting on the ground on the other side of it.

At one point everything started to get an orange tint, even though it was cloudy and I was out of line of sight of the sunrise.

I've been enjoying orange light a lot lately, it seems so warm and happy in a calm way. Oranges and little wild lilies that grow outside of my old room (my parents brought me a bunch the other day and I kept them in the kitchen), and dead pine needles on the ground seem to have this magical glow when the light hits them just right. I wish I was better at capturing the feeling and could paint it, but it is not something very significant and might only appeal to me in my current state of mind.

I found a tree that is really easy to climb and sat in it for a while until people started coming out on their morning walks.

Mornings like this make me wonder why the guy I'm with refuses to do anything romantic. Maybe he had bad experiences in the past, or maybe I'm not the kind of girl whom he can do romantic things with. I can't say that it bothers me all the time, or even very often, but I do wonder some times. It is possible that I am with him because his lack of romanticism makes him seem more reliable and less prone to irrational judgment.

(recycled photos through out due to me forgetting my phone today)


  1. 5am at the park to watch the sunrise? Hehe, you're keen. I do like the photos though <3

    Haha, screeching tree. Good thing the branch wasn't once attached above you T_T

  2. Hmm... some people just don't have sentimentality in them nya.. *hugs* Im glad you do ^_^ cuz you're awesome

    Manderins > Cherries > Oranges > ?

  3. linnykins
    It was a spontaneous decision on account of waking up and seeing that it was light out ^^;

    Trees are scary ^^;;

    Ceiridwen -

    Hmm sentimentality, I dunno, I think everyone has it in them, but it is not brought out as a response to everyone. (if that makes any sense :D)

    Nyah, are you making a list of my fave fruits ^^? I don't really like cherries all that much (cos you can't get Morello or tart cherries in nz. possibly they are just not available at supermarkets?), but M does :D

    Mandarins> bluberries> berries> oranges (big and sweet) Watermelon!

    I like fruit ^^;;