Friday, January 29, 2010

Awesome tattoo artist.

Gustavo rizerio

This is really more in the art category than the tattoo category for me. I mean omg!

Check him out ~here~

Unfortunately for me, his website is awesome in the sense that the pictures are not large, and they do come in an ugly viewer thingie >_>:; I wish people would not do that, but they probably have good reasons for it, maybe?

And while I'm at it,  here is another tattoo artist - Kristel Oreto

Broccoli vs Icecream 


  1. well art has a very stretchy definition, I would not refer to all tattoos as body art, maybe only about 15% of them ^^;;

  2. Formal training for art can take many forms. Some tattoo artists have attended art schools specifically to learn art history, methodology, and various specialized artist