Friday, January 8, 2010

This week D:

This week I was lucky enough to hang out with my friends :D
Haining was down from Welly and we met up with her and Y and C on Tuesday and ate chocolate and walked around town and watched a movie and talked about books and went over to C's and made Spiders :D I got to act as a fool without feeling like i ~was~ making a fool of myself and it was awesome to catch up and see Haining again. I will be very sad when she moves even further away from us u-u;;;

Wednesday I spent most of the day with my parents, which was good after I got past my new year/pre birthday bitterness and snappiness. Then off to Dust's to pick some plums off his tree and devour them while watching *batteries not included it is such a sweet film, I'm sure everyone has seen it, but it is just lovely. 1987 eh, just a couple years before I was born.

Once again I found it to be a lot more depressing this time round (January is not my friend).
I even spotted a "goof" in the charging scene :D I'm quite impressed with myself.

Thursday was devoted to sleep and DDR :D how boring of me.

Today we were supposed to meet up for lunch with the Tuesday crew, but things did not quite go to plan. C and I ended up having lunch together, and it was certainly an experience, long wait and tricky communication with a guy who mostly spoke at us in Thai.

Then Y joined C and me at my place and brought us super delicious super pretty cinnamon gingerbread yum! I ate most of it before deciding to take pics with my phone cam.

The little white bunnies were so cute ^^;; And I really liked the lady in a bikini, and everyone had punky purple and pink hair :D *noms*

I did feel a little bit evil biting the limbs off and saving the heads for last >_>;;

When I went to town afterwards (and felt like a horrible slacker because everyone else went to work), I remembered Y pointing out some street art on Tuesday and decided to take some photos of the ladies on Moorhouse and B.E, just in case someone wanted to see them.

There are quite a few of them under the bridge, but the weather and the light were against me. Then I ran out of space for more photos on my phone. I'm so awesome >_>;;

I have this sneaky suspicion that they are pole dancers, but it probably is just my rotten mind speaking.

There are five or six of them under the bridge and I had fun zipping around the cars and looking mental and suspicious trying to get them to show up on my camera. Who would've thought that it is so dark under the bridge on a cloudy day? Not me.


  This is what reminded me of them in the first place -

So much cuter ne.

I want to find more portraits by this artist(s?) now, I only know where the old guy with a bag is, but there must be more :D

Hoping for hot weather tomorrow so I invade other people's pools :D


  1. I am very glad you liked the cinnamon gingerbread people + rabbits + butterflies! I hope they gave you energy for DDR :D

    Thanks for the photos of the hooker girls!! I actually quite like them..... despite the fact that they're, well, hookers. Hmm. You're awesome :)

    You take pretty groovy photos, yourself :)

    Thanks for hanging out :D <3

  2. Hi! Linnykins linked me and I'm lovin' your photos of the casual hookers :P I pass underneath the bridge on Moorhouse several times a week!!

    P.S I am also glad you liked the super-cinnamony gingerbread people/rabbits/butterflies :D

  3. The cinnamon gingerbread cookies were soooo good >_<"
    had awesome times with you x

  4. Thank you love,S ^_^;; Your blog looks interesting, I hope you don't mind if I follow it ^^?

    linnykins & Ceirdwen <3