Sunday, January 24, 2010


This year my birthday was made of win :D Celebrated over two days, and the first ever birthday without cake ^^;;


Hanging out at TZ for the DDR competition on Saturday was funs, it is quite odd to see the mass of ddr players all in one place :D we had 16 ppl enter the competition and quite a few spectators.

OF course I did not win, in fact I did not get past the first level of qualifying, although I got seeded roughly in the middle, which makes me feel like I'm not completely crap. Playing Sels in the 1st round was not very cool though, cos she is my friend, and neither of us like to play on the right.

I still had fun tho, Mr Cats entered the competition too :D and in one of the rounds, both players got the same score down to 1/100th of a percent. That hardly ever happens as you might imagine :D

Seeing quite a few old players enter was cool, and I was happy cos we convinced Wess to enter at the last minute, and he made it almost to the end :D win

~Summer Wars~

Cuddled up on the couch with Mr Cats and watched Summer Wars with Korean and  English subtitles and played spot the differences in a couple places (since I can't actually read Korean, but I noticed that a couple dates did not match up o-o;) while eating yummy chocolates that my parents gave me that morning ^_^;; *fattie*


Started Sunday with a chocolatey Lush soap and a lemony yoghurt facemask *oh so girly XD* Sometimes I like to do girly things and do makeup and facemasks and play dress up, other days I'm much more boring and give up after pulling a brush through my hair and picking a Tshirt off the floor >_>:;;

~Fantastic Mr. Fox~

Then went to Regent with the couple people who decided that watching a kids' movie is a reasonable thing to do with their time.

I have to say that I expected it to be fairly good, and it was better. I really enjoyed the stop motion animation, the way you could tell that it was a bit lazy in some places just made it awesomer for me really. I'm becoming more and more of a CGA snob, but I think it might be ok.

And the film itself was not nearly as cheesy as you might expect. Definitely better than what I could expect of a kids' movie these days.  I am not sure if it can become as popular as any other animated film out at the moment, because it is not as sugar coated/sprinkled with sparkles and cheesy jokes as the rest of them and that is what the general audience is after it would seem. But yeah def a good way to spend and hour and a half.

Simply going to Regent is quite nice in itself, because it is small and quiet and you don't get noisy or rude people sitting next to you. The less flash seats and smaller screens don't bother me one bit.

~Burgers and Beer~

Ended up to get burgers for dinner. A few more people have joined us for that :D The food was good, I think they have the best buns I've had at a burger place, but the lack of plates was inconvenient; a nice experience overall.

The bison head over the entrance looked fuzzy and cuddly and it made me a little sad. I should go in and take a photo of it one day. It is ~biiiig~

Eating hot chips for the first time in at least a year was odd. They are nice, but sooo greasy. I find it a bit amusing how food tastes so much more greasy to me now, but I still eat it >_>

Hmm typos/spelling mistakes on the menu and the images were stretched u-u;; that was a bit of a let down.

~Tiger Man~
Spotted a cool grafiti on my way to TZ (need the dancing after the burger and chips yeah :D) and climbed through a hole in the fence to take a pic of it :D

I wonder if there is going to be some kind of festival for Chinese New Year this year. I think I'd like to do something special. I definitely need to get out more.

~Recorder man and bag man~

These are two Christchurch characters that you can run into around town. It is quite cool how they are recognisable real people.

It really makes me wonder who the bus exchange girl is based on, cos she is really cute on the street art, so she must be really cool irl too. I'd like to see her. Honestly though it is impossible to tell from the drawing whether she is young or old, sane or unkempt. Who is the letter to? maybe she is just going to the post office to pay the bills, but that would not be very romantic...

And I would like to see street art of the Radio guy pop up somewhere too :D


  1. reply my comment: Im more thinking beach in summer weather.. tattoo would definately show. But yeh I do have one blackless top.. ^_^

    Your post: aww I wish I went. That sounds mint. Yeh I get sick of the cheesy mushy talk that children films have too -__-"
    I didnt know the street art was based on real people. :O you ate a hamburger? And chips? Wow... lol, you always rejected my chips. Which is probably why its extra greasy for you but just right for me ^_^
    DDR + Movie at Regent = sounds like a mint time. Awesome :)

    ..If you're keen to do the Chinese lantern festival gathering I'd be keen. It's on the 6th-7th, I can do it Sunday night methinks or saturday before 8.

  2. I enjoyed reading this post! Sorry I couldn't go, I was really gutted. Sounds like you had a marvy time anyhow, complete with a DDR competition (I didn't know they did that...).

    I love hot chips! But I'm scared to eat them too much eh. Haha.

    Love the tiger graffiti, cuute :D

    PS- I have my book of kid's stories to lend to you, it has the story of the boy and the cat drawings!

  3. Ceiridwen
    There was still cheese in the film, but I think it was not ~as bad~ as your average kids' movie.

    I'm not sure if all of that art is based on real ppl, but some of it definitely is :D

    Um I did not eat a hamburger, just a normal burger. I don't have a thing against them as such, they just have to be good. Mich makes good burgers and Burger Wisconsin(sp?) was decent, but I hear that it closed down. For me a good bun is very important in a burger :D But yeah I totally gained weight over Christmas/January period. I need to get back into it :S

    Sunday night or Saturday sound good for the festival yup :D idk which one is better.


    wow you read the whole post o-o;; I'm impressed :D
    It would've been more fun with more people but it was still nice ^^;;

    I have not really eaten hot chips since high school, they taste good, but they are not one of the foods I crave ^^;;

    When would be a good time/occasion to get the book off you ? It sounds interesting :D