Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have finally realised that I have a new little obsession - ram horns, girls with ram horns in particular. I think I found them appealing for some time, but only now I realise that they are a "thing" for me. The way they curl, the recursion in their pattern the organic imperfections which break up the perfect symmetry... ^^;; here's another picture. (click to go to photographer's page)

Turbo manifold  

And the similarity to croissants ^^;;
This last picture really just appeals by its utter weirdness.


  1. Ram horns are actually quite cool ^_^ .. dont you have ram horn earrings?
    Nya like the pics

  2. yay I'm glad I'm not just some freaky weirdo.
    But no I don't have anything resembling nor made from ram horn.