Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sugary exhibition

Under the Crystal Sky by Pip & Pop (Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz if it means anything to you, I have not heard of them before) Here is a link to another blog article about this exhibition (where I stole the following photo from).
So, anyone went to see it in Sydney by a random strike of luck? Cos this would be quite neat to see.  

I think it would be a somewhat surreal experience to just walk between all the little figures and hills and blots, feeling like a giant in a happy candy land o-o;;; *daydreams*  Follow the link to a flicker gallery with a few close-up

Question of the Day: "Why do people use white font on black background? whyyy~*? (* it burns)"


  1. Wow, that would be such a cool exhibition to visit! Giant in a happy candy land, for sure. Mmmm, sugar...