Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy cats

LJ communities give birth to the most amazing things sometimes ^^;; Here's what I found - yoga cat in cat with a drawer in his head and a hole in the back. really. I seriously want. made by chryzalis.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Night time photos.

I probably should not be proud of this, but sometimes I really like how night time photos turn out on my phone ^^ll So I apologise for putting you through this (suffering) but I wanted to share =^_^=;;

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Russian foods

So sometimes I get cravings for Russian foods. This time I wanted filled pancakes with tvorog - basically a very low fat home made cheese, it is quite plain so you add raisins and sugar to it. and in Russia you also get little blocks of trvorg dipped into chocolate... I strongly suspect that this is where my craving originated.

Of course I had to make my own >_>;; it was quite an adventure, mixing greek yoghurt with some milk, leaving it sit around for a day then heating the mixture in a pan and draining all the clear fluid out.  I felt like a weird person doing that actually.

Then itt is time to add some raisins and sugar and mix ^^;; almost 1.5L of milk produced a little bowl full of the filling :D

Here is proof that I can make a round pancake. (Also proof of how mental I've become - using wholemeal flour for pancakes.

And here is beautiful portrait of an unknown lady

Little pile of pancakes how I love thee ;)

Back on the frying pan to soak up all the oil and get crispy and warm up the filling ^_^

Nom time :D

So what unusual foods do you get cravings for? Do you have to improvise or are they readily available at the supermarket/restaurant  ^^?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inky (but not Pinky nor Blinky nor Clyde)

Today was for looking at different tattoos again :D What an unproductive but pleasant way to spend an evening ;)

Go here to see some pretty neat ones ^_^ ;;

Here is a sampler -

The four-dimensional cube
A Russian birdy that comes into the cities in winter

It is quite surprising how many people have Audrey Kawasaki's (the anatomy + Japanese girls on wood artist) work as tattoos, I did not realise just how popular she is really ^^;;

I think I would like a white ink or UV tattoo one day, but I can't really come up with anything awesome enough yet. so one day :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Claymation and cats ^^


I came across these guys making super cute short cartoons about kitties ^^;; I think taking that one animation paper at uni made me appreciate stop-motion a lot more than I used to ^^;;

So Italllian guys making cute cartoons for kids.
Please take a look ;) (and there is moooooore on their youtube page ;))

Mio Mao =^_^=

And the opening theme is so catchy ^_^;; It makes me want to go outside and build sand castles *turns into a 4 year old*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's holidays whee ^_^

These holidays are not bad ;) Especially if I tell myself that I don't strictly ~need~ to study this week.

So I've been playing Heavy Rain on the PS3, it is the kind of game even I can play ^^;; It really is an interactive movie rather than anything else, quite different from all the other games I've seen. And you get to be a detective ^^;; in the case of an Origami Killer :P Well you get to be all sorts of people and it changes who you control all throughout the game but it is not annoying.
I was pleasantly surprised that the controls were very natural for a non-gamer imho. I'm a bit disappointed that they took Russian out of the full version released here (maybe they just took it out of the promo disks though... Winning games is interesting), it would've been fun to watch M play ;)
Here is the new cat  - Rudy (or Black Meanie). He likes to pose for photos :D

He seems to be causing less destruction now, which is good. I guess my cats have already resigned to having to live with him. He is still very arrogant and demanding but also very affectionate and playful and cute-on-purpose. It is amazing how manipulative cats can get, makes me wonder about their IQ.  Unfortunately for me, his new favourite place to hang out is on the computer desk, in front of the monitor >_>;;  Cats huh.
 He is just so adorable :D

And I finally finished my kusudama ^^;; But I am too awesome to take a picture of it that looks OK ^^;; So here is someone else's -
There are some pretty amazing ones on the internets. Unfortunately they require more awesomeness than I have and a lot of people just refer to the books they used for instructions rather than showing the instructions on their site. Copyrights eh. Here is a pretty kusudama I wish I could make .

I had to buy more shiny paper and a glue gun just for that :P And it is lopsided because I did not make two halves then glue them together like you are supposed to XD;; I might try making another one sometime, with post-it notes :D non slippery paper ftw.
Here is a picture of the mass production of petals :D

Origami is quite relaxing sometimes. Other times I just go O_o at the pattern/instructions and feel very blond though.