Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inky (but not Pinky nor Blinky nor Clyde)

Today was for looking at different tattoos again :D What an unproductive but pleasant way to spend an evening ;)

Go here to see some pretty neat ones ^_^ ;;

Here is a sampler -

The four-dimensional cube
A Russian birdy that comes into the cities in winter

It is quite surprising how many people have Audrey Kawasaki's (the anatomy + Japanese girls on wood artist) work as tattoos, I did not realise just how popular she is really ^^;;

I think I would like a white ink or UV tattoo one day, but I can't really come up with anything awesome enough yet. so one day :D


  1. You're going to get a tattoo afterall :D
    Tattoos are awesome.
    And yeh, as long as you wait then it's all good, yknow?

  2. Pft. I'm not re reading what I write.. I meant, it's better to wait until you're sure 100% than to tattoo on a whim.

  3. Haha I am not likely to actually get a tattoo ne but I don't have a "I'm never going to get a tattoo" attitude either, ne. I would not mind something absolutely awesome, but most stuff I see on people varies between mediocre and "what were they thinking?" so idk, maybe I'll be hit with inspiration one day :)