Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's holidays whee ^_^

These holidays are not bad ;) Especially if I tell myself that I don't strictly ~need~ to study this week.

So I've been playing Heavy Rain on the PS3, it is the kind of game even I can play ^^;; It really is an interactive movie rather than anything else, quite different from all the other games I've seen. And you get to be a detective ^^;; in the case of an Origami Killer :P Well you get to be all sorts of people and it changes who you control all throughout the game but it is not annoying.
I was pleasantly surprised that the controls were very natural for a non-gamer imho. I'm a bit disappointed that they took Russian out of the full version released here (maybe they just took it out of the promo disks though... Winning games is interesting), it would've been fun to watch M play ;)
Here is the new cat  - Rudy (or Black Meanie). He likes to pose for photos :D

He seems to be causing less destruction now, which is good. I guess my cats have already resigned to having to live with him. He is still very arrogant and demanding but also very affectionate and playful and cute-on-purpose. It is amazing how manipulative cats can get, makes me wonder about their IQ.  Unfortunately for me, his new favourite place to hang out is on the computer desk, in front of the monitor >_>;;  Cats huh.
 He is just so adorable :D

And I finally finished my kusudama ^^;; But I am too awesome to take a picture of it that looks OK ^^;; So here is someone else's -
There are some pretty amazing ones on the internets. Unfortunately they require more awesomeness than I have and a lot of people just refer to the books they used for instructions rather than showing the instructions on their site. Copyrights eh. Here is a pretty kusudama I wish I could make .

I had to buy more shiny paper and a glue gun just for that :P And it is lopsided because I did not make two halves then glue them together like you are supposed to XD;; I might try making another one sometime, with post-it notes :D non slippery paper ftw.
Here is a picture of the mass production of petals :D

Origami is quite relaxing sometimes. Other times I just go O_o at the pattern/instructions and feel very blond though.


  1. I find that with origami, it's all fun to make them... but then, what do you do with them afterwards? They kinda sit there and gather dust...

    Awwww, Rudy = cute. Makes me want to pick him up and give him a big squeeze <3

  2. yeah I have that problem with origami too >_>;; I think some origami things are quite good to decorate presents/wrapping with but other things just get *disappeared* after a while ;)

    Rudy is funny, he does not mind being picked up and squeezed as long as you minimise contact with his fluffy belly. He's really chubby too :D

  3. i haven't done much of origami, but i have a few good patterns to share too ... i'll try to post them on my blog ... i soo want to do a kusudama now! well, you could always stick it up in your room?

  4. I agree with YiLin, it's fun to do and all.. but what happens with them after? Good idea, make them decoration for gifts etc ^_^

    Although Rudy gets scary, I still like him

  5. Rudy is very easy to like, but he is soo cheeky, and prone to furballs o-o;;