Monday, April 12, 2010

Russian foods

So sometimes I get cravings for Russian foods. This time I wanted filled pancakes with tvorog - basically a very low fat home made cheese, it is quite plain so you add raisins and sugar to it. and in Russia you also get little blocks of trvorg dipped into chocolate... I strongly suspect that this is where my craving originated.

Of course I had to make my own >_>;; it was quite an adventure, mixing greek yoghurt with some milk, leaving it sit around for a day then heating the mixture in a pan and draining all the clear fluid out.  I felt like a weird person doing that actually.

Then itt is time to add some raisins and sugar and mix ^^;; almost 1.5L of milk produced a little bowl full of the filling :D

Here is proof that I can make a round pancake. (Also proof of how mental I've become - using wholemeal flour for pancakes.

And here is beautiful portrait of an unknown lady

Little pile of pancakes how I love thee ;)

Back on the frying pan to soak up all the oil and get crispy and warm up the filling ^_^

Nom time :D

So what unusual foods do you get cravings for? Do you have to improvise or are they readily available at the supermarket/restaurant  ^^?


  1. yuuuum!! uhh not unusual lol i usually get cravings for chocolate, and chocolate alone. :D

  2. Oh yum, that looks good! Mmm. Haven't had pancakes in ages. Using wholemeal flour for pancakes doesn't mean you're mental... then again, that's coming from me, so not sure what consolation that is. :P

    I get cravings for Beef Brisket noodles at Joyful. And Malaysian Char Hor Fun. And if I'm being really weird, dried dates.

  3. They look so good!
    Hey it's healthy. YiLin makes some mean wholemeal pancakes.. the only problem is that they're soooo filling.

    I get the odd craving for spring rolls which is semi weird...(you know my usual: chocolate, coke, doughnuts, chips, burgers...)

  4. Yay I'm glad I'm not the only person who uses wholemeal flour for pancakes ^_^;;

    Dried dates are yum ^^;; Except sometimes they have horrible plasticy skin, then they are u-u

    Chocolate is a very standard one ne ^^;; but spring rolls o-o;;; they are cabbagey and stuff >_>;;