Monday, May 3, 2010


I've been feeling somehow melancholy the past couple days... and thinking of uni work scares me >_> again >_< how cool am I?

Today I went to my second class of Aikido, and I'm having second thoughts about it :D typical eh. The main issue with me atm is how much physical contact there is o-o! I mean everyone is nice and they are doing stuff like it natural and all, but getting pressed against ladies' chests  is a bit odd o-o;;; I'm not even going to elaborate on pins >+_+> why did I  not even consider these things before?

Here have a picture by Nonhuman

And another one by someone I don't remember *head desk* (really need to save that info ne ne ne)


  1. Yeh aikido's pretty hard core. Not my thing ai. More into taekwondo or something similar.

    I get melancholy too.

    Don't think about your uni work, just do it

  2. hmm idk if aikido is actually hardcore ^^;; honestly I think I'd have the same reaction to any martial art or even any team sport >_>;;

    you get to kick people and make loud slamming sounds when you fall down ^^;

    haha I really need to use that approach to uni ne ^^;;

  3. Oh, you're trying Aikido?? That's interesting! Do you think you'll continue with it?

    I like the colours in the first photo.

    I'll be in Chch next at the end of June, when I have a three week holiday! We shall hang :) Hehe, no pressure for you to visit, only if you want to. Silly assignments ><

  4. Yeah I've decided to try it out :) and I needed some exercise to go along DDR now that it is too cold for me to bike ^^;; I've not made up my mind yet, but I'll stay for a month and hopefully most of the awkwardness will go away... maybe :P

    June yays ^_^;;

    I do want to go to Dunedin sometime though ;) It looked interesting but I was there only for a day and a night last time and meeting people so I did not see much.

    So I'm just terrible with organising things, but I'll try to make it ^^;;