Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roberto Kusterle

Roberto Kusterle  - Italian photographer (but also painter etc) born in 1948.

Stumbled across this photographer today, and I just can't tell if it is the same person I was obsessed with back in high school or not. Being terrible with names is well terrible. To me the photographs have the same feel about them, but I have not found any I can remember and there are a few differences, so I don't really think it is the same person.. well here are some of the photos -

Check out his website for more photos, he has three galleries two of which deal with human bodies and this one seems to be more general/surreal/fairytale.


  1. Surreal! But I do like the black and white, and that rather rustic look about it.

  2. surrealism is very alluring ^^;; it is just so inclusive :D