Friday, June 18, 2010

Another tattoo post

It's friday and I felt like looking at prertty pictures.
One thing I've noticed about is that they rarely have pictures of unattractive or overweight people. These photos give me some motivation to exercise and make my body pretty ^^;; until I see cake, then I lose all the motivation straight away XD

I especially love the second picture ^^;; it is blue and purple :D


  1. I can see you with the robot tattoo :P but smaller. Tehe.. I <3 tattoos!

    It could be the angle :P

    I think you've already lost a lot of weight and look good as you are.
    Haha didja see Celia's blog? I think you're like the 2nd, Soph is the 1st and Im the 3rd :P and I want to be like you/ the 2nd

  2. nah, we are both like 2 :) but its ok, I would like to be super skinny, but I don't feel that bad about my body as it is D: My boobs decided to suddenly double in size overnight too >_>;;; they go bounce bounce when I walk u-u;;; I blame parents with their chocolate ^^;; (not myself with the cheese cake :D)

  3. oh wow the first one's kinda ... umm gross? :P i like the last one! even though i would never get a tattoo myself!

  4. Is it ^^;;? I find it quite amusing that my perception of some things is way off ^^;; like that picture :D

    So you really don't want to get a tattoo, ever? I suppose I can understand - I'd like to have one, but I don't want it to fade and go all gross on wrinkly old skin ^^;; if nothing else. I'm having enough issues with my piercing at the moment u-u;;

  5. I loooove that tattoo site! I'm a bit obsessed with tattoos myself, and just wish I could afford having moooore done.