Wednesday, June 2, 2010

End of semester is approaching way too fast, it feels like crash landing >_>;;

Upside is that Y is coming to Ch for a while whee~ Can't wait. But the weather has taken a turn for the worse and started raining again >_> buh!

Yeah not the most exciting post here :D I've been playing Technika at TZ lately.. new addiction due to it giving a false sense of achievement >_>;; I went up a rank to "Amateur"  this morning :P

This is me
And here is a song I'm just a little bit addicted to (Most of the songs in the game seem to be in Korean yah)

I don't get to have my very own updating tracker for another week though *sigh*

I find it quite funny how I've changed in some ways in the past few years. Playing arcade and video games almost(?) daily is something I wouldn't have fathomed a couple years back.  Of course I still fill the niche of beat/music and puzzle games so I won't call myself a gamer, but I seem to be going down the path of instant gratification rather than responsibility >_>;;; oops! when did that happen ?

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