Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fate 運命 STi

Yay made the video resize, I feel quite blond for not realising that there was redundancy in the size specifications and it was stated in both the object and vido tags >_>;;; eh

So anyone who knows me will know that I quite dislike hip hop and rap. Well it seems that once the song is in a foreign language, I become way more easy-going and agreeable. Here is a song that have been stuck in my head for days. and I'm totally in love with the green haired girl. I know who I'll go as to Armageddon If I decide to cosplay next year >_>;;;

On an unrelated note >_>;; I was going to buy some green or blue hair dye today, but Sinister boutique is gone. online only now... *waits for payday*


  1. Cosplay cosplay cosplay! Do it! The song's not as awful as rap.. i think its mellow

  2. no it is not awful, but it is cheese XD;; cosplay is expensive >_>:;