Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Morning rant

Sometimes I wonder how other people see me. Most of the time I hardly give it any thought, but I know that there is very little correlation between what I think I'm like and what I'm like really, and that brings the question of other people's perception of me as well.. So I wonder if I'm seen as mature or childish, noisy or quiet, unbalanced, arrogant or knowledgeable or stupid, lazy, interested in lots of things or few, capable or unreliable... But then I realise that regardless of how I'm seen I'm not very likely to change anything in order to be seen in a better light, so there is probably very little point to wondering about things like this ^^;;;


  1. I think you're mature, quiet, balanced, knowledgeable, sensuous, interesting, kind, accepting, funny, cute.... and AWESOME

    you're right, you're too you to change, but i like that fact