Friday, June 11, 2010

Today was so good ^_^;; The weather was sunny and warm (relatively). I  went for a walk in the park, breathing in the smells of autumn -the fallen decomposting leaves, the fresh cool air, the smell of a pond, it was very relaxing and even put a spring in my step. So much so that I had to find an unoccupied alley (there were lots of people out today, mostly taking photographs with their SLRs, and posing next to trees) and skip down the length of it. As the result of that I'm down one button on my coat >_>;; I know, I'm made of awesome.

 To acknowledge the cold season, the kitties have donned their winter clothes. Here is Meanie showing off his scarf :D I love it how he is even tolerant of  silly-things-I-wish-to-do-to-cats than Muzzy boy.

Plussy is a Babushka cat ^_^;;  
I like the recursion of white cats on a white cat ^^;; 

Got my c____s nicely folded ^^;;
It is important to be tidy. 

And a while back my parents took me to a factory shop that sells nice and warm woolen things. I was happily browsing the racks looking for black things in size small, when I realised... *dun dun dun dun*   

something terrifying was watching me O_O? *insert scream face here*

I don't mean to be mean though, I think it is cool that the staff (supposedly) made something with the unused knits, but I'm rather confused as to what it might be... and the trunk just makes me think that it is a giant mosquito >_>;; That thing is HUGE.


  1. Lol that is weird!! O_o;; maybe they attempted to make a creature?

    ...tehe the kitties are cute xD

  2. it certainly is a ~creature~ but it looks more like they had lots of bits of creatures and just put them together.