Saturday, July 24, 2010

Digicam :D

New friend is shiny :D well not too shiny or anything, but new toys are always cool.
Although we got it a whole week ago, I have not really had a play with it since I've been sick in bed since Monday afternoon >_>;;; Being sick is so fail u-u;;;

At least I had an abundance of models to try Mr Shiny out on :D Mr. Shiny recognises that Plussy has a face, but is oblivious of everyone else's faces. it is quite funny looking through it to find secret faces in the house (apparently my box of uni books has one).

Plussy-chan wanted to go on top of the microwave for the occasion :D (She normally hates it when I put her up there, but this time she wanted to go so she could spy on Meanie from up high).

Meanie monopolises my socks of doom :D (I'm quite impressed how well the socks are felting, soon I'll be able to wear them without slippers and still keep my feet warm =^_^=)
M. took a pretty picture of Eggy ^_^;; You can see that there is a high humidity in the spare room, I'm surprised it does not rain there >_>;;;

 Having a camera that takes decent close-up pictures is cool; here's one of the origami roses I made a couple months ago :D (Set theory is fun.) shiny paper.

This is another of my new friends - Squishy face =^_^= I think we shall be joined by his cousin Cushy face very soon ^_^


  1. Oooooohhh! Mr Shiny. Win. New camera! :D :D So lots of photos coming up?

    Your flat 'tis a cat sanctuary :D

  2. cuuute cats! and i love the origami rose! :)

  3. ~ Yeah I finally convinced M to buy one ^_^;; now I just have to remember to take it with me when I go out ^^;;;

    ~ Thanks Gandhali ^_^;;

  4. Oh awesome!! <3 yay!!
    I gotta meet Squishy face

  5. Yup come and meet him ^_^;; He is cuddly ^_^