Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From Russia.

Grandma sent me this picture in an e-mail the other day, and I thought I should share ^-^;;

This is a playground being built in front of their apartment building, I think it looks quite nice. You can see a predominant Russian folktale theme going on here. Everything is wooden, and I find it amusing that the "bark" on the tree stumps is carved and very ornamental.

You can see some bears posing on the left, very symbolic of Russia, they are common characters in folktales; but they have been extra popular since the current president's name literally means Bear's (and is often abbreviated to Bear in informal environments).

The three-headed dragon in the middle is Zmej Gorynych, probably the main evil guy of Byliny (traditional epic, heroic narrative poem of the early East Slavs X-XIV centuries), he is a 3-headed snake and is often a metaphor for hordes of Mongols.

The last noteworthy thing about this is the presence of mushrooms in the background, for some reason or other, kids playgrounds always have some form of mushrooms :D I guess they are easy to climb and balance on? 

I wonder if I'll get a picture of this completed. 

Unfortunately there are lots of vandals in Russia and in combination to harsh weather ( significant temperature changes are evil when it comes to wood), so the life span of such a playground is limited to no more than 3 years (imho).


  1. that.. is a work of art! beautiful!! thanks for sharing. i got a matryoshka doll necklace the other day..

    mushrooms also make a good place to sit on, i guess?

  2. I'm glad you like it ^_^ My fave thing about matryoshkas is the tiny lil baby thing inside that is as little as a pea ^^;;

  3. That's awesome. Awww.. I wish New Zealand would do something like that.. maybe I should just move to where your grandma is? :P

  4. I'm sure there are themed playgrounds somewhere in NZ ^_~;; Russia is weird though (you forgot about the snow, right ^-^;;?)