Sunday, July 25, 2010 Since the end of the holidays I've been reading more than the usual ^_^;; It feels nice, but consumes so much time I've recently been to a a party where different reading speeds were discussed, and I'm afraid I come out at the lower end of the spectrum. Oh well :D I've always known I'm not a fast reader, but knowing that people can read 2 pages in a minute is a bit sad for me. Anyways, I've read Shame, Emma, Oroonoko, Wuthering Heights and am most way through Great Expectations ^_^;;; Reading anything by C. Dickens is great, he makes me giggle ^_^;;; This post was really meant to use up the kitty smilies ^_^;; I eat cheese.Lately I have been exploring some parts of the internet I have not been exposed to before, it affects my humour in the weirdest ways.
This is fanart for a ma-jong anime Saki, but it makes me lol.

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  1. have you read "the kite runner"? it's amazing... and "the zahir"... i read them this summer!

  2. No, I've heard of the Kite runner and thought I should read it, but have not got around to it yet ^^;; I will give them a go ^^;;

  3. I approve of the kitty faces.
    Gotta love reading <3 .. I finished Memoirs btw, it was awesome. Now i gotta read Shakespeare for uni -__-"
    I wanna stalk you on Fri

  4. I am open for stalking this Fri yup ^_^;;

    I'm glad you liked Memoirs of a Geisha, I was not too hot on the ending, but it was a good book ^_^;;

    ugh Shakespeare >_>;;; ihave a week of uni to catch up on now u-u;;; just spent 4 hours math-ing and did not get much done at all... u-u;;;