Saturday, August 28, 2010

This was on cheezburger.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

for Gandhali

This is what I mean. A face fits between the two parts of the hair and the neck slots into the body. it is a little bit gruesome ^^;;
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My last (hopefully) nendoroid has arrived this morning. She is a proper one, and the quality is so nice T_T;; makes me want to buy more figurines, but I must resist.

Of course I had to play with her as soon as I got her, and I managed to drop her cake and tea plate under the bed u-u;; I'm clumsy. And I don't want to climb under the bed again for fear of finding another dead bird *eww* But I had a place of buttercream waffles and a cupcake just sitting there.

Mugi says - "Would you like some breakfast, Mio-chan?"

Mio is wondering if she should, really, it looks good ^_~ You can see Mugi's keyboard in the background ^^;;

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Canon Ball

Meanie found a nice comy in his new home, right in front of the heater and in everyone's way. There he can lie across the halway and grab people's ankles, then zoom off and hide under a bed or in a wardrobe.

It feels a bit sad not having my own basement cat anymore, but at least my other cats are happier and I can always come visit him,
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Been trying to meet you

So last Tuesday we went to see the Pixies ^_^, but cos I'm lazy and cool, I had not got around to uploading the pics or anything until today. My excuse is that I was quite sore for 2 days after it ^_~

This is how many people there were. u-u;;; Awesome photos I know.

And this gives you the idea of how close to the stage we were. I think I like to be a bit further down so I can focus on listening to the music rather than maintaining my spot and not being flattened. I felt soooo weak like I have no muscles in my arms u-u;; off to the gym I go ;-;;  Also I think I don't like bouncy people.  (I'm too old for this kind of thing lol)


But, it was fun, and Pixies are one of the few bands I've liked consistently over the years, since I first heard their music in 2003 so it was win :D (even if I did not get a shirt or the badges u-u to remember them by)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sun over Moscow

Just something I saw on my LJ friendlist

Friday, August 6, 2010


Stole this picture from Danny Choo. You can get this in Kiddy Land

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photos of cats

Since we had a sunny day this weekend, I went outside to hunt some cats :D (with the camera).

Plussy says there is no better day and time for face demolition than now.

But then she says "Oh noes, this is MY fence, why am I destroying it? Cuddles"
 Silly cat face.
Muzzman likes our neighbour's old ford :D ( I think the collar magnet just got stuck to the roof of the car and he can no longer get off it)

Cerbits came over the other day too and had the best timing photographing Plussy ^^ I think she woke her up with the camera going bzzt-bzzt-ping ^^;;

Who's that pokemon kitty cat?

Monday, August 2, 2010


This morning I got to play with dollies ^_^;; My fake nendos have arrived and they are cute :D I got Merissa Seraphy - the pumpkin girl and Mio from K-ON.

She makes me think of a cute little egg. Maybe a Cadbury's crème egg :D

Merissa is a game character from a game I've never played, but she is just so adorable, she fits nicely into the palm of your hand and she is just super chibi kawaii rabu.

You get different arms and 3 faces for each character so you can alter it as you wish and make them strike different poses. I've instantly settled on my fave pose for Merrisa however, and don't feel like changing it ^^;;

Merrisa wanted to try on Mio's uniform. I think she likes it ^_~

Mio on the other hand seemed rather distressed with the pink パンツ and gloves combo.

~いや 助けって!

Here they have settled to their more or less permanent location :D
Mio is cool, but she was really just coming to stay with me for company rather than anything else. I've re-painted her hair since taking the photos so it is blacker and shinier.