Monday, August 9, 2010

Been trying to meet you

So last Tuesday we went to see the Pixies ^_^, but cos I'm lazy and cool, I had not got around to uploading the pics or anything until today. My excuse is that I was quite sore for 2 days after it ^_~

This is how many people there were. u-u;;; Awesome photos I know.

And this gives you the idea of how close to the stage we were. I think I like to be a bit further down so I can focus on listening to the music rather than maintaining my spot and not being flattened. I felt soooo weak like I have no muscles in my arms u-u;; off to the gym I go ;-;;  Also I think I don't like bouncy people.  (I'm too old for this kind of thing lol)


But, it was fun, and Pixies are one of the few bands I've liked consistently over the years, since I first heard their music in 2003 so it was win :D (even if I did not get a shirt or the badges u-u to remember them by)