Thursday, August 12, 2010


My last (hopefully) nendoroid has arrived this morning. She is a proper one, and the quality is so nice T_T;; makes me want to buy more figurines, but I must resist.

Of course I had to play with her as soon as I got her, and I managed to drop her cake and tea plate under the bed u-u;; I'm clumsy. And I don't want to climb under the bed again for fear of finding another dead bird *eww* But I had a place of buttercream waffles and a cupcake just sitting there.

Mugi says - "Would you like some breakfast, Mio-chan?"

Mio is wondering if she should, really, it looks good ^_~ You can see Mugi's keyboard in the background ^^;;


  1. Did the dead bird under the table not smell after awhile??

  2. oooh, did you say earlier that you can change their expressions? if so, how?! :)

  3. Donkuri - ^^;; thanks :D It is my new obsession.

    linnykins - they normally do, but the one I found mummified itself >_>;; it still was not pleasant though.

    Gandhali - they come with 3 different faces, and you can take their fringe off then pull the old face off and put the new one in. It looks quite bizzare to have all the spare parts in a box. I feel like a serial figurine killer.

  4. Lol the dead bird is haunting. Nya the figurines are so cute xD