Monday, August 2, 2010


This morning I got to play with dollies ^_^;; My fake nendos have arrived and they are cute :D I got Merissa Seraphy - the pumpkin girl and Mio from K-ON.

She makes me think of a cute little egg. Maybe a Cadbury's crème egg :D

Merissa is a game character from a game I've never played, but she is just so adorable, she fits nicely into the palm of your hand and she is just super chibi kawaii rabu.

You get different arms and 3 faces for each character so you can alter it as you wish and make them strike different poses. I've instantly settled on my fave pose for Merrisa however, and don't feel like changing it ^^;;

Merrisa wanted to try on Mio's uniform. I think she likes it ^_~

Mio on the other hand seemed rather distressed with the pink パンツ and gloves combo.

~いや 助けって!

Here they have settled to their more or less permanent location :D
Mio is cool, but she was really just coming to stay with me for company rather than anything else. I've re-painted her hair since taking the photos so it is blacker and shinier.


  1. oh how cute! i'm not much of doll/soft toy person... but i like mio :) she also kinda reminds me of cho chang from harry potter, lol :P

  2. Thanks ^^;; I've been suppressing my figurine obsession but something gave out ^^;;

    I can see what you mean about Cho Chang too :D