Friday, December 3, 2010


ilomilo is the cutest game ^_^;;; M downloaded it for us to play. but he has not got a chance to have a go yet. I'm drooling over the cuteness of it, it oozes adorable graphics, silliness and interesting ideas.

ilomilo is a whee platform puzzler, which gets too tricky for me at times >_>;;; roar where did my brain go?
The whole idea of the game is that the two friends want to meet in an ever-changing park, and you take turns being one friend or the other to guide them through. You unlock memories, tunes and pictures as well as mini-games.

Anyways, look how cute it is ^_^;;;

and here is a teaser video on youtube

Now to my shameful attempts at fan-art-ing this ^^;;;

 yes, these are little ilo on my nails XD;;;

Hmm back view, >_>;;;; 
milo looks a bit fat. Sorry milo.

So if you have an xbox or a windows 7 phone, go get the demo and play it and be exposed to the cuteness ^-^;; Alternatively go look at development blog to see more cute pictures and the actual plushies and merchandise.


  1. I saw your nails! Forgot to tell you they looked awesome :D I want that one day! (Work wouldn't allow cool nails like that). That really does look like such a cute game! :( I suck at puzzles

  2. Is your work seriously that evil o-o? lames.