Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rainy day.

It has been rather rainy today. I blame my huge sleep-in today on that. We went out into freshly earthquaked town in order to find a place that was open on a public holida for lunch. The awesome plan of having nachos failed miserably; the shop was open but the kitchen closed u.u.

On the upside, M spotted another paste art in a tiny alleyway. The alleyway was so small, I could not get the whole picture in one piece.

We settled for having spicy kirean soup and bubble cup. Spicy soup is great on a chilly day n.n
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  1. Spicy soup fully warms one up on chilly days! It's like fire :P haha.

    YAY, paste up art :D

    We should organise bookbinding sometime..

  2. Wow, I'm posting from my phone but it is a bit messy. New stuff takes getting used to.

    Yes, bookbinding! Im free from tomorrow onwards,
    except for the 31st.

  3. rain, rain, go away, come again another day. ahh where is our summer?!

  4. That seems to have worked, it is sunny today n.n

  5. Eathquakes >:( .. Nya bubble cup and spicy soup sounds nice.