Sunday, January 9, 2011


Snow bunnies

Apparently Japanese people make bunnies out of snow o-o;;; How is that for a cuter version of snowmen and snow angels :D

I want the nails. They are so moe.



  1. I love bunnies xD that's awesome

  2. i've seen those bread bunnies in auckland, too! yay i got myself a fire hydrant red nail polish today (on sale for $2 from rubi shoes)! it's my first bold colour!

  3. Hehe Ceird, I know you do ^_^;; I showed them to M too :P

    Gandhali - I want to eat bread bunnies ^_^;;

    Red is bold ^_~ but it is also classic.

    I have not worn red nail polish for ages except that time I painted my nails with ilomilos and strawberries ^^;;; Nail polish is cool but I can't do anything around the house or garden when I'm wearing it otherwise it chips off way too quickly... what colours do you normally wear?