Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lucky thirteen.

The lack of decent coffee places in Riccarton upsets me. But I got a cool number and a very charismatic server. Did some people watching and doodling before going back to the daily routine.
Does anyone know where to get a decent cup of Joe these days?


  1. I've been meaning to check out Coffee Co-Op in Addington, Lincoln Road. It's in an awkward location though, but I do work near there so I'm thinking of spending my lunchbreak there one day...

    Otherwise, I kinda like Misceo on Clyde Road, Fendalton. It's nowhere near as cool as Dose used to be though...

  2. Thanks Yi Lin ^_^ I think I've been to misceo before, but I should definitely check Coffee Co-op out as well. I wonder if either of them are open late evenings n.n

  3. Unfortunately, Coffee Co-Op closes at 4pm :(

  4. What about 360 at uni? Yeh I find it depressing that it's hard to get good coffee. I also like Misceos