Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sea blue

The Pier at night.

The colour change is hypnotising but the fresh night wind is rather refreshing.
Not a bad combination. 

I love the way the sea looks at night, the surface of the water looks like you could take a walk upon it. But if you tried, you would sink and sink and sink forever. 


  1. Wow. Cool photo! It looks mystical. :)

    Would it be too cold in NZ to grow physalis? I agree, it is a cool plant, I like it how it looks like chinese lanterns.

  2. Thank you ^^;;;

    I'm not sure if it would be too cold here for physalis or if it might grow too well and turn into a pest. We can grow it in Russia (but then the fruit might not necessarily mature there, it is seen purely as a decorative plant with unusual flowers and is(was) commonly as "winter bouquets" - dried out and arranged to sit in a vase all winter.