Monday, April 30, 2012

21st century romance?

Ahhh can't wait  until the new season of Sherlock~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm suffering from hair envy. I want pretty coloured hair so bad. but I also want to have a nice haircut and then be able to grow my hair out again overnight ^^;; I think I might end up as a crazy wig lady with a million different wigs if I'm not careful ;) Too bad they are never really comfortable.

I've been feeling rather vain since starting my job (for a given value of vain anyway), I guess being able to buy clothes and make up without having to save up for 6 months just makes it possible. I'm super excited about finally hitting my savings goal. Now I just have to find out whether I can actually have Lasik *fingers crossed*

Having the house mostly to myself this weekend was wonderful, strangely enough, I did quite a bit of socialising yesterday. Today otoh was spent blissfully at home with my extra cuddly kitty-cats. I think they get a bit bored at home now that both M and I work full time u-u