Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 03 → Your favourite television programme

I don't watch TV an awful lot, the only TV series I watch on a regular basis is House and that is coming to an end. Can't say I've been enjoying the last few seasons all that much, but it is comforting to have something to watch every week.

I've also been watching The Game of Thrones starting from the second season, but mostly just to perv at the pretty long hair. What does one have to do to get flawless super long hair like that? (Be an actor and wear a wig is not the answer I'm looking for ;)

Oh and I watch some Korean drama when I get really bored, but instead of watching an episode or two a week, I tend to watch 4 or more back to back every couple of months. Somehow working full-time made me cut down on Kdrama. (The drama I watch at the moment is Rooftop Prince, it is quite silly but it is not as amusing now as the first couple of episodes had lead me to expect.)

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