Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 06 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Today was very laid back and nice ^^;; I got out of bed briefly to get my laptop and some mandarins, then got out of bed the second time around ^^;;

I curled my hair, something I don't do very often, but I do like curls. They are very whimsical and girly. I think it would be awesome if I had naturally curly hair, but curls do make my hair look short. u-u

I spent a couple of hours at my parents' place. Learned about the type of memory that Macs use and why the "Russian" word for inch is "duim" (it came from Dutch) and looked at lots of photos of kites.

Finally sent off my passport application. (At last I can afford it). But I don't think I'll be able to go to Japan this year. I don't want to go in winter and August/September is probably too soon for M. to take time off from his new (not yet found) job...  Lah, I want to go NOW. (maybe I should just go by myself?)

Dropped by a friend's house and admired his tinsel covered exercycle ^^;;

Bought 4 kilograms of mandarins (that should last me a couple of days :D)

Went to TimeZone to play some Technika 3 (and got disappointed by the game being offline again). I love Japanese and Korean music/rhythm games. I really need to set the drums up at home. Listening to happy music and "playing along" to it is a great mood booster for me.

Had a visit from M's younger brother, that was really nice to hang out without other relatives and parents. Despite having been with M. for 8 years I don't feel like I know his brothers very well u-u;;;

Right now I'm listening to some albums that M got off a friend and thinking that I really need to get to sleep. (But it is less than 12 hours since I got up u-u).

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