Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 12 → Whatever tickles your fancy

Things I'm exited about -

Getting my Instax Mini in the post ^-^ looking forward to it. It took me a while to decide on the mini vs the 210 (photo-booth vs standard "wide" film) and I still think I'd like a 210 as well ^-^ But I'll see how it goes first.
I've never had a Polaroid camera before (apart from an i-zone, which was a bit weird, super tiny and I only had two cartridges of film, so it does not count ^^), so I'm very excited but also a bit unsure as to how well it'll go.

One of the cooler/cheesier things about the Instax Mini is that you can get film with cute frames - Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, various other Disney ones + just patterns and colours. But I probably will have to order my film overseas and pay a bit extra for it, so I'll have to get used to use the exposures (10 in a cartridge) sparingly.

I paid for the camera today, so with any luck it'll get here by the weekend ^^;; Hope it's just as cute in real life. I'm thinking of putting some stickers on it ^^

I think it will be quite nice to have when we go to Japan next year (I wanted to go this August, but it will have to be next August since we don't know when M will be out of work - he can't take a holiday at all). I plan on trying out couch surfing to and I think it will be cool to take pics with the hosts ^^ Anyway, that's just hopes and dreams for now.


  1. Oooh! Jumped on the Poloroid bangwagon, I see :) I like the oldschool ones but am sticking with my current film cameras. Have you tried looking for instax mini film on Trademe?

    PS - I'm jealous of the snow!!!

    1. Heh, I'll have one of each kind when it arrives - film, digital and instant :D

      Oh and cwe still have some snow left over ^^;;

  2. Now i want one but I'm not sure how they work xD .. I want a Mickey Mouse one :P .. you and especially Yi take really good photos! Couch surfings interesting sounding. I want to go to Korea and then fly to Japan but that's also hopes and dreams atm xD but they make the present more exciting