Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 25 → Your day, in great detail

Oh how exciting >_>

My alarm goes of at 7:20 am, but M's is generally set for 7 so I'm already awake by the time mine goes. I crawl out of the bed and into something warm. (I recently read that reddit's office has the following clothing policy -genitals must be covered.) If crawling out of bed did not take very long, I make myself some yoghurt diluted with milk for breakfast - it is much faster to drink that way. By 7:40 I'm sitting in the car on the way to work :)

At work, I deactivate the server room alarm and turn the heater on, then settle down in my seat (sometimes with a big cup of green tea) and do my mourning routines (provided that no one left me any messages saying they need my help). My boss comes in half an hour later and we exchange our never changing morning greetings, then it is back to doing what needs to be done, or more frequently trying to figure out how to do it :D I'm glad I have the time to learn lots of stuff during the work hours. Every once in a while someone will call or e-mail me or drop into the office and tell me that something isn't working, or ask me to set something up. Sometimes I have a PC to put together and run the installs on, other times I order more stuff for the store room.

If I'm not terribly busy, at 10:15 I have my morning tea - generally something like a banana in the company of G, R, M and or P. It gets pretty noisy in the lunch-room so we like to sit outside (but we have not done that at all since the snow). Then it's back to work again until 12:45. At lunch I tend to do my personal internetting, bug G and co. and replenish the essential nutrients. And then it's back to work again until afternoon tea, then home at 16:40. Some days I seem to be in high demand, go to different parts of the factory and talk to lots of people, other days I can feel pretty isolated up in my office busy doing things that require me to be almost glued to the PC.

I go for a brisk walk to the bus stop (If I leave work on the dot of 16:40, I can just make it in time for the bus and dodge the worst of the traffic, even a minute late and I have to wait for the next bus which takes much longer to get home).

Once home, I feed the cats, turn the heat pump on and settle down with my laptop ^^;;; Plussy often wants attention and cuddles and Ergo only lets me pat her after work.

M. normally gets home 30 to 60 minutes after I do and we have a lil chat and a snack and sometimes go out to TZ to play Technika or Mandurang or to visit  a friend or watch TV (but now the two TV series we used to watch have finished o-o~!), sometimes we get surprise visits from my parents. But soon I want to go to sleep, so I take the kitty cats into the bedroom and pull the duvet over my head.


  1. Lol cute.
    Gah.. I get too frustrated if I miss the bus >.< I sometimes even walk to the next bus stop out of boredom/coldness

  2. Yup I walk to the next stop sometimes too, if the weather is nice I might even walk all the way home (it's 40-60 minutes walk). There's generally a bus at 4:53 and one at 5:03 or so so it's not a big wait though. I guess they run extra buses when people get off work.