Monday, July 23, 2012

Leaning towers and castles

Check out more towers by following this link.
There's one that's near the town I was born in and one that is not too far from here as well ^^;; both leaning towers.
And more castles here.

One day M. asked me if we can have a spire on the house we will one day own. lol. One day we'll have a crazy monstrosity ^^;; With gargoyles and lions which looks modern and boxy from one side and old-fashioned from the other ^^;; oh and I want at least one secret room o-o!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a couple pictures today

Today has been grey, cold and damp - winter in Christchurch.

M and I got up early (for a weekend) to go to the Riccarton market - to check out the Taiyaki ^^;;

We ended up staying quite a bit longer and buying other things as well but I resisted buying the strawberry glasses I saw. I hope I see strawberry glasses again one day ^^;;

Anyway got some toffee with hazelnuts, freshly baked bread, azuki bean taiyaki, a pastry horn with jam and cream, some UK fizzy drinks and American jelly beans, hand-crafted chocolates >->;;; Yup, definitely did not expect to get that much. There was a guy singing California Dreamin' which was quite appropriate for today's weather.

Dropped in to visit both sets of parents, met a friend of M's dad who laughed really loudly and a lot, what an unusual person. Oh and M. had heaps of fun playing on a keyboard at my parents' ^^;; I tried playing a bit of the Green Sleeves but I'm not very good ^^;;

Have some random pictures from Dark Roasted Blend which caught my attention today ^0^

The last one is from Singapore,  I want to go there next time we fly though ^^ M. says - "what if there is an earthquake and you get slashed off the side!"

Friday, July 20, 2012

This is amazing and precious (and I want to eat it tower by tower o-o!)
from Evelin-Novemberdusk
Eztra points for noticing the "Chinese Lantern" fruit in the left photo.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lately I feel like blogging but don't have much to say.

I'm looking forward to warm weather and riding my bike. I think I would also like some space. Even if we don't do much together, M. and I are always together when we are not at work. There is nothing wrong with that except I'm used to spending 8+ hours a day alone, that's a treat I rarely get since I started working full time and it just sits at the back of my mind and makes me a little bit more tired every day.

My cats are super cute ^^;; Plussy has a short fuse and my mum does not notice some of the subtle signs that Plussy is getting annoyed. Mum left with another big scratch today. Which is sad, but also a bit ^^;;; cos Kiss-Kiss and I have so much in common >_>;; Ok, I'm not proud of my character but how much can one have in common with a cat? It's not like she listens to the same music as me or reads books.

Did I mention Mango Cheesecake in my last post? It is delish! I want to go to Addington co-op again (too bad M and W don't like it cos it is always busy).

TMI below - read at your own risk

With the impending doom (aka Korean summer holiday), I've been feeling super conscious of the fat I've put on over the autumn/winter period. I did not gain much weight but I look a lot more like a cushion now. (And going on the pill again did nothing to help with that. It seems to make me really hungry all the time u-u. I'm going to try and deal with that and other side-effects for another 3 months and see if it gets any better. I just have to remember that the alternative to sore breasts and being extra chubby is having painful, needlessly long periods). Anyway, the plan is to be very strict with what I eat (except for Saturdays or Sundays when I get to go out to cafes and eat cake or something) and either walk home or ride the bicycle at home 5 times a week. I already got blisters ^^;;  And I'm trying to eat extra protein since it seems to help me feel less hungry. Unlike fruit which seems to make me feel hungrier >_> yay fructose.

Does anyone want to bet if I can get into some kind of non blobous shape by August 23rd?

So my treat for this week is going to be waffle with Asuki beans from Riccarton Market ^-^ おいしそう~
The trailer looks super cool ^^;;  I'm sure it will be worth getting out of bed early on a Sunday.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunny Sunday

I could smell spring the last couple of days, but today was just wonderful - sunny and warm. I even took my hoody off for a while ^-^ M. says it was 18 degrees but I think it was closer to 20.

We went for a walk around the park at a leisurely pace and I brought my little camera with me and took some photos.  Then at home I cuddled with Plussy, she could not get comfortable on my lap but wanted to stay anyway. It was super cute ^-^. When M. went to play Settles of Catan with his brother, I decided to use this home-alone time to play around with my hair a bit. I'm looking forward to possibly not having to wear my glasses but I think I'm going to miss the aesthetics of square frames (not worth the hassle though u-u!)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Must resist spending money o-o! *willpower*
Maybe I'll just get one thing >_>;;;;

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday plans

So it's decided, I'll be going to Korea for a holiday on the 23rd of August.
I hope the weather will be nice ^-^ C. is being kind enough to let me stay in her apartment (yay!) and hang out with me on the weekends. I'm looking forward to trying to navigate through the subway and go exploring around the place. I hope I won't get in trouble u-u;; It will be the first time I go on holiday by myself + no language skills XD

I'm working on a list of places to visit, this far - a couple fortresses, 4+ palaces, a couple hiking spots, a massive book store (I hope they have foreign books and not just ones in Korean), a stationary store, any arcades I might possibly come across (Drums, PUMP, DDR and Technika yeah!) and cute cafes. I'm hoping to see (and eat) lots of green-tea flavoured desserts :D Oh and I wonder if C. would come to one of the palaces with me and dress up in Korean costumes >_>;;;; It'll be fun!

I think M. is still a bit miffed that I'm going by myself. Apparently I just went ahead and bought the tickets without waiting for him...

Oh and I'm looking forward to catching up with Y. when I get back to N.Z. ^-^V

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ahhh, I want to go on a holiday and escape this dreary cold. Too bad that the prospect of going by myself does not really excite me, I do want someone else to share the fun. There are cheap tickets to Tokyo for the start of September and I was so ready to get them and couch surf but then realised I'd have to go the Ghibli museum all by myself. That would be just so sad. On the other hand, M. really does not care much for Ghibli and he gets bored really quickly. Got to decide soon~