Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Holiday plans

So it's decided, I'll be going to Korea for a holiday on the 23rd of August.
I hope the weather will be nice ^-^ C. is being kind enough to let me stay in her apartment (yay!) and hang out with me on the weekends. I'm looking forward to trying to navigate through the subway and go exploring around the place. I hope I won't get in trouble u-u;; It will be the first time I go on holiday by myself + no language skills XD

I'm working on a list of places to visit, this far - a couple fortresses, 4+ palaces, a couple hiking spots, a massive book store (I hope they have foreign books and not just ones in Korean), a stationary store, any arcades I might possibly come across (Drums, PUMP, DDR and Technika yeah!) and cute cafes. I'm hoping to see (and eat) lots of green-tea flavoured desserts :D Oh and I wonder if C. would come to one of the palaces with me and dress up in Korean costumes >_>;;;; It'll be fun!

I think M. is still a bit miffed that I'm going by myself. Apparently I just went ahead and bought the tickets without waiting for him...

Oh and I'm looking forward to catching up with Y. when I get back to N.Z. ^-^V

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  1. :D I'll try to do as much as I can with you if you want. I'm super excited and we should have some tour guides. Looks like you know more about Korean than me O_o;; you know I plan to get a decent phone so I can contact you if anything happens. And i want a phone with gps xD and ok, I'll dress up with you :) eeeeee

    You only live once :( mich would get over it >.< and I have internet so you can skype him. And just get him some good presents :)