Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a couple pictures today

Today has been grey, cold and damp - winter in Christchurch.

M and I got up early (for a weekend) to go to the Riccarton market - to check out the Taiyaki ^^;;

We ended up staying quite a bit longer and buying other things as well but I resisted buying the strawberry glasses I saw. I hope I see strawberry glasses again one day ^^;;

Anyway got some toffee with hazelnuts, freshly baked bread, azuki bean taiyaki, a pastry horn with jam and cream, some UK fizzy drinks and American jelly beans, hand-crafted chocolates >->;;; Yup, definitely did not expect to get that much. There was a guy singing California Dreamin' which was quite appropriate for today's weather.

Dropped in to visit both sets of parents, met a friend of M's dad who laughed really loudly and a lot, what an unusual person. Oh and M. had heaps of fun playing on a keyboard at my parents' ^^;; I tried playing a bit of the Green Sleeves but I'm not very good ^^;;

Have some random pictures from Dark Roasted Blend which caught my attention today ^0^

The last one is from Singapore,  I want to go there next time we fly though ^^ M. says - "what if there is an earthquake and you get slashed off the side!"

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  1. The first pic looks deliciously awesome :D .. hehe earthquake thoughts.. someone closed a door and it rattled the windows and it felt like the start of an earthquake xD