Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lately I feel like blogging but don't have much to say.

I'm looking forward to warm weather and riding my bike. I think I would also like some space. Even if we don't do much together, M. and I are always together when we are not at work. There is nothing wrong with that except I'm used to spending 8+ hours a day alone, that's a treat I rarely get since I started working full time and it just sits at the back of my mind and makes me a little bit more tired every day.

My cats are super cute ^^;; Plussy has a short fuse and my mum does not notice some of the subtle signs that Plussy is getting annoyed. Mum left with another big scratch today. Which is sad, but also a bit ^^;;; cos Kiss-Kiss and I have so much in common >_>;; Ok, I'm not proud of my character but how much can one have in common with a cat? It's not like she listens to the same music as me or reads books.

Did I mention Mango Cheesecake in my last post? It is delish! I want to go to Addington co-op again (too bad M and W don't like it cos it is always busy).

TMI below - read at your own risk

With the impending doom (aka Korean summer holiday), I've been feeling super conscious of the fat I've put on over the autumn/winter period. I did not gain much weight but I look a lot more like a cushion now. (And going on the pill again did nothing to help with that. It seems to make me really hungry all the time u-u. I'm going to try and deal with that and other side-effects for another 3 months and see if it gets any better. I just have to remember that the alternative to sore breasts and being extra chubby is having painful, needlessly long periods). Anyway, the plan is to be very strict with what I eat (except for Saturdays or Sundays when I get to go out to cafes and eat cake or something) and either walk home or ride the bicycle at home 5 times a week. I already got blisters ^^;;  And I'm trying to eat extra protein since it seems to help me feel less hungry. Unlike fruit which seems to make me feel hungrier >_> yay fructose.

Does anyone want to bet if I can get into some kind of non blobous shape by August 23rd?

So my treat for this week is going to be waffle with Asuki beans from Riccarton Market ^-^ おいしそう~
The trailer looks super cool ^^;;  I'm sure it will be worth getting out of bed early on a Sunday.

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