Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Having a fun holiday this far :) C. is being a lovely hostess ^_~ There is too much to see in Seoul, I think I won't have time to go to Pusan, let alone Jeju island. Today was a bit dull since we stayed inside due to the Typhoon warning. We just had a bit of rain and some NZ-like wind. Hope the weather is good tomorrow :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goteki - We Go Chrome

I've got this stuck in my head today ^^;;

Take me back to 55
time and place to be alive
muscle cars and movie stars
culluloid and asteroids
good days work at the astrodome
while nuclear family waits at home
saucermen were better then and
everything was made of chrome

Zero G close to me and pull the trigger
Strap it up and on my mark pull the trigger

communistic little green men
will take you back to experiment
for whiter whites uses product x

atomic men don't talk about sex
Nuclear shift from 9 to 5
buy product x when the wage arrives
Diner shines like a thunderbird
and everything was made of chrome

We Go Chrome, We Go... Chrome

Supersonic dreammachine
Like sodestream
Like mercury
The mirrored shines
And spinning lines
And silver flesh
We take the test
And we go chrome.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I watched an old movie last night.
Old black and white movies fall into two categories for me - boring and nostalgic. The movie I watched last night was from the latter category. There was something warm and gentle about it, although the ending was a "here's a moral for you" kind of thing it was rather pleasant to watch.

If you feel like watching a 1950 Japanese movie sometime, watch "The flavour of green tea over rice".