Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

M. made French toast for breakfast on Sunday and the house smelled wonderful and delicious when we got back from coffee/visiting. I'm very tempted to make some cinnamon rolls just for that.

Suzzy is a yellow belt. His strength is doing rolls.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wednesday night drinking with a dinosaur.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo post

It's raining again here so I'm back to spending all my non-work time at home.

 I am upside down. Zetsuboushta~

 Muzzy rolls all day and all night. It is very tiring to roll so much.

 Totro came here from Tokyo.

 I should have taken before and after pictures for this. It used to be a bracelet


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 26 → Your week, in great detail


Waking up at 7 is hard, but it is also nice to not be woken up by the sun an hour before my alarm goes off.  Daylight savings played a trick on me and my body clock has not caught up with it yet.

Work isn't particularly eventful, Andrew gave me some chocolate sultana slice and sent me a picture of a shaved llama :D

I get home at 5:30 and cook some food (Romano mix veggies and roasted chicken breasts with some smoky seasoning). Half of it is consumed while watching the last episode of Arang the magistrate and the other half is for lunch. Then M.and I drive across town to get dinner at Station.
Doenjang Jjigae for me and bibimbap for M. 

We head to the countdown in search of 99c energy drinks but don't find any. The specials must have changed on Monday. We do run into Matt whom I have not seen in at least 6 months ^^;;; 

Since we are in the west part of town we decide to drop in on my parents. Unannounced since I left my phone at home, on the couch. 

Mum only got back from Russia yesterday, so it's good to catch up and listen to her stories. She's also got a new haircut which must look pretty cool when styled. Oh, but her luggage did not arrive so I don't get any chocolate or new pants. I was really looking forward to new pants >_>;;; 

We go back home around 9 and I spend another hour or so watching TV - Gu Am Heo Jun and reading blogs while Plussy has a little nap on my chest and M. goes for a run. 

I go to sleep around 11 but then get told to get up and move to the bedroom shortly past midnight. 


I really don't like waking up :D 8 hours of sleep should be plenty, but it is not. Somehow I make it through the morning routine and get on the bus to work. Another girl from my work is on the bus this morning and we say hi.

Daylight savings is still giving off ripples - our back up did not run last night. 

My nails match the yellow carrots in my lunch box. I think I need to get a cute lunch box. something with kittens and colours :P 

M. is off to Akido after work, so I don't see him until I get home from the gym. 
I like using the gym shower cos the one at home has such poor water pressure. 

Mum's luggage still has not arrived and  M. spends the rest of the night playing a racing game online with some NZ gamers. 


Work is uneventful, but my Nendo arrives early in the morning. I consider keeping him at work, but can't resist taking him home  :D The new stands are so much better than the old, even if it means that the nendo has a little cavity in the back. 

There is no meat at home, so dinner is 3 fried eggs + veggies + a nut bar for dessert. Accompanied by Goddess of Fire on TV and Plussy on my lap.

When M finally gets home from physio we watch some Uchoten and Genshiken together and then I read livejournal while he does his evening routine. 


Due to poor planning I don't have any canned soup or meat to take to work and I settle for a protein shake and some fruit. I'm hungry all morning and blame it on exercising on Tuesday. That's what I prefer to think anyway. My boss is away and nothing has broken yet :D

Yahagi is selling cream puffs and I'm very tempted to drop in after work, but I also think that I should not be having sweets so often. Maybe some bulgogi or chicken would serve me better ^^;; 

Off to the gym again tonight. This time I'm going to join for 3 months >_>;; It should be easier to stay motivated when it's light and warm outside. 


Wear pink for breast cancer day at work.