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historic cottage's new inhabitants

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little giraffes

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Week 44 - Wasp Factory by Ian Banks

This was an interesting read, if not a pleasant one. A nice little twist at the end but that's where my opinion did not match the story. !!! SPOILERT ALERT !!! If you were brought up as a man, always thought you were a man, but then found out that biologically you were a woman, would you instantly start thinking as yourself as one? I'm sure I'd stick to thinking of myself as a man, although someone more rational might stop the hormonal therapy and see what happens. But I have trouble accepting someone in that situation just accepting it and feeling and being a woman the next day.

Week 45 - Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

So books burn at 451° F
It might be a thought provoking book but somehow it just seems naive and simplistic ? 

Week 46 - Requiem for a Dream by Selby Hubert

Week 47 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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